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    Comments: I saw Dr. Pyle by referral from one of my other doctors. I had been suffering from an extremely painful left ankle for about one year. Over that time, before seeing Dr. Pyle, I had discussed my painful condition to 2 of my other doctors. Blood tests were ordered, an x-ray and several meds were prescribed. The pain only got worse! After the year of living with this awful pain for the year, I was then referred to Dr. Pyle.
    I was seen in his Camarillo office. The staff were very attentive and friendly (the first good sign). Before seeing the doctor x-rays were taken there in his office... no need to go to an outside facility. Upon meeting Dr. Pyle for the first time, I found him to be friendly, professional and able to diagnose my condition. Dr. explained several options to treat the condition. One was a cortisone injection, which I chose. Dr. administered the injection on the same visit, used a pre-numbing agent on my ankle, fitted me and provided me with an ankle brace to wear. Suggested I purchase shoe inserts (very inexpensive which I later ordered from Amazon, none of those very expensive inserts were needed!), and I was given copies of the x-rays, an example of the inserts to buy and was scheduled for a follow-up appointment in 2 months. To both my amazement and thankfulness the pain has subsided from about a level 8-9 on the pain scale, to now maybe a level 0-1. I'm following Dr. Pyle's advice to wear the ankle brace and inserts daily. I have to thank Dr. Pyle for his treatment of my condition and such a good outcome! If call my situation a definite success story. Thank you to the staff as well.
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